Willem Eerland

Willem EerlandĀ lives in a small village in Holland. His father was a tug boat captain with whom he spent all his free time on the water and by the age of five he was already fascinated by sailing. Willem drew boats on any paper he could get his hands on, and this was the foundation for his future paintings. After he finished his schooling, he spent eight years on tug boats, two of which he captained. He briefly took drawing and painting lessons after this and began his artistic career. He researches his paintings intensively, reading archival documents, and using museum resources. His research has led him to regularly publish articles in Dutch maritime magazines.

Willem wants to be free in his choice of subjects, because, in his words, “First I paint for myself.” Since 1990 he has had very successful shows in both Scandinavia and the United States. His work is in private and corporate collections around the world.