Barron Krody

Barron Krody graduated in 1958 from The Art Academy of Cincinnati which at that time was a Four year studio program associated with the Cincinnati Art Museum.  After school he free-lanced  as a graphic designer and full-time design instructor for seventeen years. Then in 1979, he was a founding partner in the marketing, design and internet firm of Wolf Blumberg Krody, Inc.

In the 1970’s he helped organize and participate in Laser Light, a major exhibition dealing with art and technology at the Cincinnati Art Museum. About the same time he was featured in the city’s Urban Wall Project.  He was fortunate to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Art Directors Club Art and Design.

For almost fifty years, Barron and his family have summered on the coast of Maine.  He has cruised the islands and coves with friends and raced at the Bucks Harbor Yacht Club on Penobscot Bay in their 23′ Pearson Ensign.

Barron’s Exhibitions and Collections include: Cincinnati Art Museum; Federal Reserve Bank (Mural); Cincinnati First National Bank, Dayton, Ohio; State Office Tower, Columbus, Ohio; Butler County Office Building, Hamilton, Ohio; Security National Bank, Springfield, Ohio; Taft Broadcasting, Cincinnati; Cincinnati Bell Atrium One, Cincinnati and Cincinnati Financial.