Jane McGraw-Teubner

Jane McGraw-Teubner was selected as a Pastel Demonstrator at Plein Air Magazine’s 2014 Plein Air Convention held in Monterey, California this past April. Her DVD “En Plein Air: Pastel Landscape Painting” was released in July, 2012. Jane’s work has been shown in national exhibitions, garnering awards, most notably from the Pastel Society of America, which has designated her Master Pastel Artist. Jane’s work was featured on the cover of The Pastel Journal, December 2013. She is on the Board of Directors for the Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club and a Resident Artist in the Salmagundi Art Club.  Jane studied with well-known pastel artists Jeff Webb, Frank Federico, Albert Handel, Larry Blovits, Richard McKinley and at the Art Students League with Richard Pionk.

She is a member of: The Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, NYC; Art League of Long Island; the Pastel Society of America, NYC; Connecticut Pastel Society; Salmagundi Art Club, NYC and Suburban Art League.

Jane is also a marathon runner. “Marathon running has helped me in my pursuit of achieving success in painting. Twenty six miles is covered in single steps in order to achieve the goal of finishing. I have applied that work ethic to my painting, making small steps until I reach my goals in each piece. Running has taught me patience and persistence, which you need in order to be a successful artist.”

She has won numerous awards at local and national juried shows. She received her third award from the Pastel Society of America for their Annual Juried Show in October 2009, becoming a Master Pastel Artist. She has received awards from Fine Art Studio’s Bold Brush Contests, the Salmagundi Art Club; International Association of Pastel Societies; the Pastel Society of Cape Cod and the Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club.

Pastel painting is a gift that I have re-embraced at mid-life. When I am working in front of my easel, I am living in the present, appreciating the moment, not wanting to be anywhere else or doing anything else. I consider that to be one of the secrets to a good life, being truly in the moment. That is why I paint, and why I use pastels. They are immediate, right at my fingertips. I can look over all the colors laid out before me and the possibilities are endless. Pastels capture light in nature with brilliance and mystery. They take me on the journey of the creation process. This process is almost always a struggle, solving problems and discovering solutions. After a painting is complete, I consider it a success when I can look at it and it looks fresh and spontaneous, and none of the agony I invariably went through shows. I get a true sense of accomplishment for the finished product and for the journey that took me there.”

Jane’s artwork has been featured in galleries in Carmel, CA, Spring Lake, NJ, Milford, PA, Stony Brook, NY, Windsor Whips Gallery, Windsor, NY, the National Arts Club, NYC and the Broome Street Gallery, NYC. Jane works and teaches pastel painting in her home studio in East Northport and at The Teaching Studios. Oyster Bay, NY.