Jeremy Rugge-Price

Jeremy Rugge-Price has lived in the U.S. for the last 30 years. He learned to paint in Maine in the latter part of his life, having sailed off the Maine Coast every year in a 50-foot yawl, a wooden boat built in 1958 in Italy to a Lawrence Giles design. His love for sailing and all that goes with it began many years ago in 1952 at a seaside town called Aldeburgh where he was taught to sail by an old fisherman called Jumbo. He now resides once again in the same area, but near a little fishing village called Orford. During the interim time he spent three years at the tender age of 17 ‘before the mast’ in a British cargo ship touring the African and Indian continents and the oceans that surround them. One of these voyages encompassed two hurricanes or typhoons, as they are known in the Indian Ocean; both were off the Beauford Scale, therefore being force five or more in today’s terminology. He then followed in his father’s footsteps and joined the 13/18th Royal Hussars, continuing his sailing wherever the British Army took him for the next few years, Malaya and Germany, and then in 1996 he left for the U.S.

Now Jeremy has come a full circle, is back where he started, and owns and sails a 14-foot lapwing dinghy on the river Orwell that runs into the North Sea. His paintings can be found in galleries on both sides of the Atlantic and his limited signed prints are sold throughout at Mystic Seaport, while his original pieces are shown at the Maritime Gallery at Mystic Seaport. He is also a lay member of the Royal Society of Marine Artists.