Don Stone

Though born in the Midwest, Don Stone grew up in the fishing port of Gloucester, MA. From childhood on, all he wanted to do was paint, and he initiated the dream by graduating from Vesper George School of Art. After a stint in the U.S. Navy and a few years as a commercial artist, he decided to pursue the life of a fine artist, spending the next 25 years painting and sailing in Rockport, MA.

Don is an associate member of the National Academy of Design and a full member of the American water color Society, Allied Artists of America, the New England water color Society, the Rockport Art Association, North Shore Art Association, the Guild of Boston Artists and many other notable art groups. Stone has won more than 65 major awards, including eight gold medals, two of which were presented by the Franklin Mint Gallery of American Art for best water colors of 1973 and best marine paintings of 1974. He is also a recipient of two Greenshields Foundation grants. While much of the art world was experimenting with cubism and abstract art, Stone remained the realist. “In my art,” he states, “my quest is to find the truth and beauty in things.”