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The Devil's Cormorant by Richard J. King

Misunderstood Cormorants

In his new book “The Devil’s Cormorant” Williams-Mystic Professor Richard King looks at this too often maligned bird.

Oar Lock in the making for a Charles W. Morgan Whaleboat by Dennis Murphy

Rowlocks for the MORGAN

Watch as Museum shipsmiths forge a rowlock for one of the CHARLES W. MORGAN’s newly constructed whaleboats.

Mystic Seaport Shipyard staff installing the foremast on the 1841 whaleship CHARLES W. MORGAN.

The Foremast Is In

The CHARLES W. MORGAN took an important step on her journey back to sea today when Mystic Seaport stepped the ship’s foremast.

Todd McLeish

The Adventure Begins

The 2013-2014 Adventure Series features topics ranging from the elusive narwhal to the MORGAN’s upcoming 38th Voyage.

ROANN at sea

ROANN Visits New Bedford

The eastern-rig dragger attended the Working Waterfront Festival in New Bedford, Mass., September 28-29.

Chatham trappers dory - Moore

New Photography Exhibit

A new exhibit shows the work of two American photographers who document very different aspects of life on the water.

Ship's library

Museum Receives IMLS Grant

Rep. Joe Courtney (CT-2) announced more than $80,000 for a Mystic Seaport digital archive project.