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Adventure Series: South Georgia in the Wake of the Whale

February 20, 2014

Thies Matzen’s presentation will take us on an exploration of South Georgia and will detail this island of superlatives–a glaciated Himalaya protruding from a storm-torn ocean and a Serengeti in Antarctic climes. Its coasts, in summer, hold the highest density of birds and mammals on this planet. It is one of the ultimate meeting points of bird and sea life on earth.

Blue Water medalists Thies Matzen and Kicki Ericson stayed on South Georgia for 26 months – through two winters – living aboard their iconic 30′ wooden sailboat Wanderer III. Industrial whaling – this fateful interaction between our planet’s most intelligent and its largest inhabitant – started in South Georgia. Half a century later, its whaling stations are succumbing to the forces of nature. The island is now taking the lead in changing its legacy from exploitation to rehabilitation.

Wanderer III and a South Georgia whaling station

Wanderer III sailing in South Georgia in front of the dilapidated Leith whaling station. Photo: Kicki Ericson

The Adventure Series continues March 20 and April 17.