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Antique Marine Engine Exposition

The transition from sail to engine power was a momentous event for the maritime industry and the world. Experience it firsthand at the 24th annual Antique Marine Engine Exposition at Mystic Seaport as collectors from around the country come together to show off full-size and miniature 19th- and early 20th-century marine engines. Inboards, outboards, steam, gasoline, diesel, electric, and naphtha engines will all be on display in the Museum’s Shipyard.

More than 300 engines will be exhibited and many will be operated for your viewing and listening pleasure. A large selection of marine models will also be on display to delight the young at heart.

Weekend activities include a set-and-weigh anchor demonstration featuring a 1914 Economy Sparta donkey engine aboard the L.A. Dunton and the firing of several engines in the Shipyard, including a six-cylinder D-90 Lathrop diesel engine from the 1940s and a two-cylinder Wichmann semi-diesel from Norway. There will also be a 1917 Hercules engine demonstration behind the Museum’s Hoop Shop.

Featured Engine

The featured engine for the 2015 Antique Marine Engine Expo (shown in photo) is a 1915 Waterman Porto manufactured by the Waterman Marine Motor Company of Detroit, MI. This single cylinder engine produces 3 horsepower.

“Porto” was Waterman-speak for portable. By 1912 Cameron B. Waterman designed engines featuring rudder steering and horizontal pistons. In 1914, they introduced the magneto to replace battery ignition. Advertisements of the period claimed that a Waterman Porto “makes a motorboat of any boat in five minutes.”

Exhibitor: Gary Mower of Cheshire, CT