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CHARLES W. MORGAN visits Boston National Historical Park at the Charlestown Navy Yard

During her 38th Voyage, the Charles W. Morgan will dock at the Boston National Historical Park at the Charlestown Navy Yard from July 18-22, 2014. The last wooden whaleship in the world will be berthed next to the USS Constitution and will be open for the public to board.

After you’ve explored the 19th-century whaleship, learn more about the Morgan, whales, and whaling in our 22,000 square-foot dockside exhibition. Watch a video on the history and significance of the 173-year-old vessel and view a series of panels that explain the role the American whaling industry had in this country’s history; how the Morgan and whaleships were an early connector of different cultures; and how our perception of the natural world has changed since the Morgan’s whaling career. Hands-on activities include knot-tying, handling samples of wood used in the restoration, and searching the Morgan’s crew lists for familiar names or hometown connections.

A focal point is Spouter, a 46-foot-long, life-sized inflatable model of a sperm whale. Participate in a “What Bubbles Up?” activity by writing down your whale-related memory, question, or sketch and attaching it to a humpback whale sculpture.

Mystic Seaport interpreters will demonstrate the 19th-century maritime skills of a cooper, shipsmith, ropemaker, and whaleboat rower. There will also be live performances including sea chanteys, the interactive “Tale of a Whaler,” and a condensed rendition of Moby-Dick – “Moby-Dick in Minutes.” You can even try your hand at rowing a whaleboat during select times.

38th Voyage partner, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries, will have an exhibit booth to explain how the National Marine Sanctuaries interpret America’s maritime past, promote ocean conservation, and engage in cutting-edge research. They will show how whales feed and what they feed on, and present videos that feature information on the National Marine Sanctuary System, whales, whale research, and whaling heritage. Kids can even create their own whale hat!

Port sponsors for the Morgan’s visit to Boston are Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and Walsh Brothers Construction, which uncovered oak timbers buried in the Charlestown Navy Yard that were subsequently used in the whaleship’s restoration.