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35th Annual International Marine Art Exhibition

The International Marine Art exhibition and sale at the Maritime Gallery is the most comprehensive collection of contemporary marine art in the United States. On display are more than 95 works of art, including paintings, sculpture, scrimshaw and ship models, created by award-winning artists from around the world. Participating artists include David Bareford, Harley Bartlett, Laura Cooper, Yoko Gaydos, Ian Hansen, Neal Hughes, Richard Loud, Victor Mays and Jeff Weaver.

The range of subject matter includes majestic ships, coastal scenes of waterways, beaches and marshlands, marine wildlife in their natural habitat, and the working boats and people whose lives and fortunes depend on the sea.

The International Marine Art exhibit is open at the Maritime Gallery through December 31 and can also be viewed online.

2014 International Marine Art Exhibition Awards

The Rudolph J. Schaefer Maritime Heritage Award —  John Tayson, “Steamer Dock, 1920s”
In memory of Rudolph J. Schaefer’s devotion to preserving maritime history and making it accessible and enjoyable, the judges recognize the artist whose work entered in the show best documents our maritime heritage, past or present, for generations of the future.

The Rudolph J. Schaefer III Emerging  Artist Award Ronald Tinney, Chasing the Wind
In memory of Rudie Schaefer III, the founder and Patron of the Maritime Gallery, and his lifelong commitment to recognizing and supporting emerging marine artists.

Stobart Foundation Award – Jeff Weaver, “A July Day”
Encouraging the importance of painting from life, the judges recognize the work that attracts their attention most by virtue of its uniqueness of style, quality of light, and atmosphere.

Maritime Gallery Yachting Award – David Bareford, “Heading Home”
Celebrating the singular pleasures of going to sea, the judges recognize the work that best captures the beauty and excitement of the “sport of kings” in all its many forms.

Marine Environmental Wildlife Award – Susan Van Winkle, “Perseverance”
Acknowledging the importance of preserving the fragile balance within the world’s ecosystems, the judges recognize the work that best depicts marine mammals, fish, or birds in their native habitat.

Thomas M. Hoyne III Award – Barbara Maiser, “Yellow Nets”
In memory of Thomas M. Hoyne III’s dedication and contribution to accurate historical representation of the great Gloucester fishing schooners and the men who sailed them, the judges recognize the work that best documents an aspect of the marine fisheries industry of today or yesterday.

The David Thimgan AwardCindy Baron, “Above Bixby Bridge”
In memory of artist David Thimgan’s (1955-2003) passion for portraying the rich and diverse maritime history of the West Coast. The judges recognize the artist whose work best portrays the geography and history of the North American West Coast and Pacific Rim regions of the world, emphasizing quality of light and atmosphere.

The Thomas Wells AwardRichard Loud, “Bessie Coastal Topsail Schooner, Vineyard Haven, circa 1900″
In memory of artist Thomas Wells’ (1916-2004) depiction and celebration of commercial tall ships and their ports of call, the judges recognize the work that best documents sail commerce and trade routes at the turn of the century. A lifelong member of the Puget Sound Group of Northwest Painters, Tom spent his early days at sea aboard some of the last commercial sailing ships and is known for documenting his travel around Cape Horn.

The Museum Purchase Award – William Hanson, “Leaving Watch Hill”
A committee of the curatorial staff of Mystic Seaport will select for purchase one work appropriate to the current needs of its permanent collection. One of the largest maritime museums in the world, Mystic Seaport has an extensive collection of marine art, emphasizing commercial maritime experience of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Awards of Excellence

Five works of art were honored with Awards of Excellence for their outstanding examples of creativity, insight, and integrity in marine art.

Loretta Krupinski, “Reflections on Reflections, The Isaac H. Evans”
Ian Marshall, “HMS Formidable, Malta, 1902”
Victor Mays, “HMS Beagle, 1831”
Elizabeth Mumford, “The Charles W. Morgan at Vineyard Haven”
Jan Pawlowski, “Show Boats at Mystic