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Music of the Sea Symposium

The Music of the Sea Symposium explores the interaction between sea, music, and song. As an integral part of the Sea Music Festival, this two-day collaborative program between Mystic Seaport, Connecticut College and University of Connecticut – Avery Point explores subjects from history and folklore, to literature, ethnomusicology and many other related topics.

The Friday, June 12, session will be held from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. at the Olin Science Center on the Connecticut College campus in New London, Connecticut. Admission is free. The symposium continues at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 13, at Mystic Seaport and is included in Museum admission.

Symposium Schedule

Friday, June 12, Olin Science Center, Connecticut College

8:30  Coffee and Morning Refreshments

9:00  Official Welcome

9:15  William Dunlap, “A Letter of Marque Came from the King: Privateers, Pirates, andPicaroons in Lyric, Lore, and Law”

10:00  Georgina Prineppi, “Jack Tar and the British Broadside Ballad, 1800-1850”

10:45  Morning Break

11:00  Dr. E. David Gregory, “Maritime Songs from England and British Columbia: A Comparative Analysis”

11:45  Dr. Marcia Phillips McGowan, “A Celebration of the Sea Songs of Cicely Fox Smith”

12:30  Lunch

2:00  Dr. Faye Ringel, “A Song at the Sea: Jewish Women and Sea Music, Miriam to Me”

2:45  Dr. Robert D. Madison, “What It was Like to Know Mrs. Greenleaf”

Saturday, June 13, Greenmanville Church, Mystic Seaport

9:00  Coffee

9:20  Official Welcome

9:30  David Peloquin, “Pip’s Tambourine: A Restoration of Pip’s Proper Role as Shamanic Musician”

10:15  Marti Klein, “The Leg I Left Behind Me”

11:00  Morning Break

11:15  Dr. Gibb Schreffler, “Rethinking the Practical use of the Chantey; or, Why the Charles W.Morgan’s Windlass is a Priceless Item of Historical Significance”

The organizers would like to thank Mystic Seaport, Connecticut College, and the University of Connecticut at Avery Point for co-sponsoring the Music of the Sea Symposium. They would also like to recognize the Symposium Committee: Tom Brillat, Mary K. Bercaw Edwards, Craig Edwards, Geoff Kaufman, Faye Ringel, Mark Slobin, and Robert J. Walser, and Denise Kegler.