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Traditional Boat Building

Gain hands-on experience doing some of the more difficult boatbuilding tasks that are difficult to learn from text only. This four-day class, which focuses primarily on traditional carvel construction, will prepare you for most traditional boatbuilding projects.

On the first day, you will loft the Gardner 6’ dinghy using the Mystic Seaport Boat Shop Lofting Manual. On day two, patterning and picking up transom and stem shapes will be demonstrated. You will build a transom and stem, focusing on learning rolling bevels and rabbet cutting. This will carry over into day three, along with steam bending and discussions of proper boatbuilding woods and fasteners. The last day will be devoted to carvel plank construction demonstrating spiling, bevel lifting and plank hollowing.

No previous experience is necessary. All tools and materials will be provided.