Plan a Field Trip

A student takes part in a Force and Motion TourMystic Seaport provides a springboard for meaningful, integrated learning experiences that offer varied opportunities for addressing the Common Core State Standards. Students at all levels can access and gather information from primary sources, investigate topics, analyze, integrate, and present information in many forms.

At Mystic Seaport you can choose from self-guided tours, guided Museum tours, planetarium programs, and additional on-site programs that include: roleplayer programs, chantey programs, music on the Charles WMorgan, and horse and carriage rides.

What Educators are saying about their Mystic Seaport Experience

“I brought my History through Architecture Class to the Seaport…along with our Vessels and Voyages class (which studies maritime literature and builds small wooden boats). In all my years teaching, it was one of the best organized, information packed, and productive field trips I have ever had my students attend.”—High school teacher from Guilford, CT

“Our visits are always thought-provoking and lead our students to want to learn more about maritime history!” –4th grade teachers from Pawcatuck, CT

“The weather opened up for us that Saturday evening!…Our hopes were recognized. We got to use the magnificent Planetarium telescope set up right here outdoors in North Stonington. We saw wondrous heavenly bodies, that is for sure, and I learned so much throughout the evening…Thank you…. for your encouragement for the very beginning to help us find a way to do a Night Skies program outdoors in North Stonington.” –President, North Stonington Citizens Land Alliance

“Today’s Skype session [virtual education program] was fantastic and engaging. After the microphone was off, the kids said “THAT WAS SO AWESOME!” The kids were totally into the Q&A session and all the visual and interactive stuff you incorporated was perfect!! This year has been truly wonderful and our time at Mystic and learning with all of you has been tremendously fun and exciting.—4th grade teacher from Hamden, CT

Students try their hand at a 19th-century printing press“I wanted to thank you and your staff on behalf of Troop 41 for a great experience on Saturday.  Your staff was fantastic, engaging, and totally committed to their crafts. They had inordinate patience and struck the right balance between hands on experience and their craft’s historical background. The scouts learned a lot and came away with a renewed appreciation of metalworking, printing and carving.  [The staff in the Planetarium] did a masterful job in the [dome] and with the navigation workshop afterwards. It was a great adventure and truly showcased Mystic Seaport at its finest.  Even the dads were tickled by the insights gleaned during the day – “to coin a phase” from the print shop, the marketing aspects of a ship’s figurehead and carvings in a crowded port, and the specialized tool making necessary prior to fashioning new hardware for the Morgan restoration. Thank you for your flexibility to create a new program for Troop 41 and congratulations on a job well done! —Scoutmaster, Woodbridge CT