Ocean Classroom Foundation

Harvey GamageMystic Seaport is pleased to be affiliated with Ocean Classroom Foundation. This program sends students to sea on voyages in which the traditions, values, and adventure of maritime life provide a unique context for education and personal growth. Ocean Classroom Discovery High School Semester at Sea is an exciting experiential education opportunity fully accredited by Proctor Academy of Andover, NH. Whether you’re craving a hands-on educational experience or looking for something unique to set your college application apart, Ocean Classroom is for you. Grow stronger and more confident academically, physically, socially, and ethically, and make a positive contribution to the environment. Prepare to take your place among the generations of exceptional men and women who have been transformed by seafaring life.

Courses in Marine Science, Maritime History, Marine Applied Mathematics, Maritime Literature, and Navigation are studied in a thoroughly integrated curriculum taught by a professional academic staff. Topics in each course are arranged to correspond with the voyage itinerary. All studies are linked to the students’ immediate experience as sailors and explorers. Students go beyond learning by doing. In Ocean Classroom, they discover the power of learning by living.

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