Library Garden

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Library Garden tulipsFacing the G.W. Blunt White Building on the opposite side of the North Boat Shed, this garden imitates the River Garden in a different color scheme, featuring soft tones of pastels. Here heirlooms and new cultivars alike softly color the area with blooms of lavender, pink, white, and maroon. As a long garden, the plant material chosen is arranged in masses and creates drifts of color and textures.

Some of the plants you’ll see in the Library Garden include:

Candytuft (Iberis sempervivum)
Along the garden, soft cascades of pink and white break up the hard edges of the cobblestone border. Candytuft, when planted at the edge of a border, can create gorgeous mounds of soft colors and beautiful evergreen foliage.

Queen-of-the-Prairie (Filipendula venusta magnificum)
This native perennial grows 6- to 8-feet tall! Queen-of-the-Prairie adds height to the large garden, towering with interesting foliage and texture. This plant has airy maroon flowers which bloom in mid-summer.

Cleome (Cleome spinosa)
Each variety of this annual has pastel-colored blooms, ranging from dusty pink to creamy white. Native to South America, cleomes have a great tolerance to drought and heat.