River Garden

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Mexican sunflowers bloom in the River GardenThe River Garden is west of the Museum’s North Boat Shed and is located alongside the historic Mystic River. Curving along the shed, this garden is a contrast to the colors of the river and has plants that move in the breeze.

Featuring the hot colors of red, yellow, and orange, the River Garden explodes with brilliance during July and August. Perennials, bulbs, and annuals all stand out in the brightest hues. Many of the plants found in the River Garden make great specimens alone. Some have interesting flowers, foliage texture, incredible fragrances, or distinct heights. A few examples of these plants are:

Crocosmia (Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’)
A true hummingbird attractor, these flame red flowers are irresistible to butterflies and other pollinators. Each flower sits in a row on an arched stem, creating a strange bright texture in the garden. This perennial also makes a great cut flower.

Rose of Sharon blooms in the River GardenRose-of-Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus ‘Blue Bird’) Adding a shrub in a large garden creates a dimension which pleases the eye. Our Rose-of-Sharon is a large specimen, growing 6-10 feet tall in a handsome upright habit. Blooming mid-summer to early fall, each purple-blue flower attracts pollinators and visitors.

Russian Sage (Perovskia atriplicifolia)
Brush up against this plant in the border and the senses will be delighted by the aroma. This perennial grows 3-4 feet tall and has grey-green foliage. Blooms produce airy clouds of periwinkle-blue, tubular flowers for as long as two months.