One month until Go Time

The Morgan leaves for New London on Saturday, March 17th around 9 am. Needless to say, we’ve been pretty busy. Here’s a sampling of what we’ve been up to lately. Walt found rot in some frames in one of the whale boats a while back. in fact, this was one that he had built with […]


It’s been way too long since the last post… just goes to show how busy we’ve been.  A new entry is in the works, but in the meantime, here’s a photo of what can happen when drilling through-holes in the hull.  Walter hit this wrought iron drift with a 2″ hole saw as he was […]

All over the map

As Quentin often reminds us, all boats are built in the last month. CWM is no exception, and the pace around the shop has risen noticeably. Here’s a smorgasbord of the kinds of things going on. Electrical work We’re putting in generators and batteries for more than the nav system. The boat has always had […]

Spar work

While much of the spar work is done, there are still a few projects in the works. We’ll start with the smallest one: the whaleboat gaffs. We have many whaleboats that will be loaded on to the Morgan, made at a number of shops. All of them will get rigs and sails, as well as […]

Caulking the tween deck

Jamie and Matt have been working the tween decks lately. The caulking needed to be replaced and many of the seams were so open that they needed feathers. We’ll start with Jamie working out the widths they’d need to feather the seams. He uses wood scraps of different measured thicknesses to measure the gap width […]

Rigging progress

This week we’ll stop into the rigging loft and look at some of the rope work being done. Sara took most of today’s photos and she describes what’s going on. We are working on the running rigging for the Morgan. That’s all of the natural fiber lines, made of manila, that control the sails etc. […]

Metal work

Work continues on the bronze sheaves (pronounced “shivs” by the way) that will guide the rudder cables. On the left are two sheaves that haven’t been grooved yet. Dean used a bowl cutter shaped bit on the Bridgeport milling machine to cut this groove. It’s the gold-colored bit in this photo. He mounted the sheave […]

Back in the saddle

The new year started off slowly as we all gradually found our way back to the museum from holiday visits. We’ll start off by looking at spar progress. Walt began the year by addressing some of the checks in his main top yard. We don’t want to try to glue the checks together for a […]

Last entry for 2013!

In the previous entry, I mistakenly identified the metal bits that Ali was welding into the windlass pork chops as cable guides. Oops. The mistake has been fixed in that post, but here’s a clarification.  This is one half of one of the pork chops that go over the windlass: Ali shows how the pawl […]

Lots of catching up!

Let’s start with a big thing: The Windlass. This has been in storage for quite a while, and last month it was brought into the main shop for a coat of paint and a good look-see. Dean has been doing a lot of the mechanical work associated with the windlass. In this picture, he has […]