President’s Letters


Support Your Passion

Over the years, how fortunate we have been to count on passionate donors who generously support our operating needs and our capital needs

The Charles W. Morgan will be open to visitors this winter and she will be part of special guided tours of the Shipyard and historic vessels on weekend days.

A New Winter Experience

We are so pleased to open the Museum again to the public from January 2 to Presidents’ Day.


We Have Much To Be Thankful For

The timing of this newsletter falls on the heels of Thanksgiving, so it is only appropriate that I share a big THANK YOU with the Mystic Seaport community.

Mystic Seaport Board of Trustees Chairman Barclay Collins (right) presents Nathaniel Philbrick (center) with the 2015 America and the Sea Award in New York City on October 14, 2015. Standing behind the podium is Museum President Steve White.

Writing Stem to Stern with Nathaniel Philbrick

One of the pleasures of my position is the opportunity to help our staff develop new programs and new ways for us to engage children and students in meaningful ways.


Celebrating Members

The 86th Members’ Annual Meeting on Saturday, September 26, was a great success with milestone members from numerous generations in attendance.

Image of Harrison's H4

 What’s Your Longitude?

It’s an exhilarating moment when one loses sight of land for the first time. Remember yours?

The schooner BRILLIANT

The Magic of Eggemoggin Reach

Maine’s Penobscot Bay has to be one of the finest places to sail on the East Coast in mid-summer.

Voyaging In-the-Wake-of-the-Whalers

New and Improved for Summer

The arrival of June and the summer season is always an exciting time at the Museum, and this year is no exception.



Along with the anticipated warmer temperatures, spring is also a period filled with various professional development opportunities across the Museum field.