Seascapes is the President’s column featured in the Museum’s biannual publication, Mystic Seaport Magazine.

The Imaginative Thinking of Mystic Seaport

What does it mean to have imagination? Is it to see beyond the literal or concrete? Is it to think in a way that is outside the norm? Is it to build upon what is understood about the present? In the end, is it linked to creativity, to science? Whatever your answer, I suspect every reader has more than once been asked to let one’s imagination go in order to see a problem differently or to express an idea or vision from a fresh, new perspective.

The 38th Voyage: An Epic Traveling Exhibition

This issue of the Mystic Seaport Magazine celebrates what has become known simply as “The 38th Voyage.” The phrase embodies a clear shift in how Mystic Seaport creates experiences for visitors that are both immersive and interactive, that promote shared authority, and that are grounded in a sense of place.

Be Part of History

I have a wonderful painting hanging in my office of “Flying Cloud” by Warren Sheppard. It depicts a solitary ship in a good sea. Much of the scene is left to interpretation, and I have discussed its potential meaning with many who have visited my office. My interpretation of this Sheppard is that dawn is breaking and there is great opportunity and potential ahead for the ship – this is precisely how I see the CHARLES W. MORGAN’s 38th Voyage.

Up Close and Personal

When I asked the editor if he had a suggested theme for “Seascapes,” he offered that it would come to me from the overall content of this issue of the magazine. One look at the painting by Anthony Davis and the answer was there.

Take Your Time

Taking one’s time – to linger, to pause, to appreciate – is a skill that is difficult to exercise, perhaps now more than ever. How fortunate we are to have a place like Mystic Seaport where “taking one’s time” is valued, if not required.

Mystic Seaport: The School of America and the Sea

It has long been the mission of Mystic Seaport to attend to the broad education of its visitors and members, both young and old. Today our educational programs span kindergarten to post-graduate levels in our effort “to inspire an enduring connection to the American maritime experience.”

The Charles W. Morgan and Atlantis

It was on July 21, 1841 at 10 a.m. that the Charles W. Morgan was launched from the Hillman Brothers Shipyard in New Bedford to join her many “sister” ships in the first great global industry.

Maritime Traditions

Something has been gnawing at me lately. I am burdened by the realization that, while we are the stewards of a nationally significant collection, Mystic Seaport is also largely responsible for keeping our nation’s great maritime traditions alive and vibrant, and seeing to it that they are passed forward to our rising generations.

Boats and Water

Mystic Seaport represents many things to its 17,000 members and 275,000 visitors, but I suspect that there are two predominant elements that define us to most: boats and water…and we have an abundance of both!

Sailing the Morgan

INSPIRATION! Mystic Seaport believes that inspiration should be at the very core of important museum work, and that applies to staff, scholars and visitors alike. These days nothing provides more pure inspiration than the Charles W. Morgan herself. Over the past several months, the Museum, as well as its members and guests, has been abuzz with excited conversation regarding the prospect of the Charles W. Morgan going to sea again post-restoration.