Seascapes is the President’s column featured in the Museum’s biannual publication, Mystic Seaport Magazine.

See You on the River

Visitors come to Mystic Seaport for numerous reasons — to research in the Collections Research Center, to spend quality time with family, to view a new exhibit on a favorite topic, to be part of an engaging, authentic community — but many are unsure just what to expect from this must-see national treasure. After all, Mystic Seaport isn’t a typical museum.

The Spirit of Mystic Seaport

These days organizations are fixated on restating and interpreting mission statements, a vitally important process, to be sure. But I wonder if more attention shouldn’t be given to the spirit of an institution? A mission statement, after all, no matter how meaningful and well drafted, will ring hollow without being fully complemented by institutional spirit.


As you can see, the message from the President has changed to Seascapes from Sightings. Those of you who have gone to sea and those who have stood at the shoreline dreaming of a destination beyond the horizon know well the reflective places to which the seascape transports us.

Taking the Helm

Mystic Seaport. In my initial days of assuming the helm of this remarkable institution, I have come to appreciate ever so deeply the significance and importance of what those two words represent to all who know her.