Film & Video

Cape Horn VideoSubjects include sailing, square-rigged ships, storm scenes, boating, ocean passages, boat restoration, J Boats, yachting, various ports and cities, boat building, lighthouses, whaling, rowing, Gold Cup races, sail making, ice boating, oystering, fishing. The collection also has footage that shows Mystic Seaport as a location, including the Museum’s historic ships, watercraft and village. Two especially significant collections document the America’s Cup from the J Boat era through the 12 meter class, and the sailing exploits of Irving M. Johnson, including his 37 minute B&W film, AROUND CAPE HORN, and 7 circumnavigations of the globe (with his wife Electa) 1933-1958.

America’s Cup Collection

America's Cup CollectionThe collection spans the beauty of the J Boat era and the competitiveness of players from the 12 meter class as they race for the America’s Cup trophy. The J Boat footage was shot by amateur photographers from the 1920s and 1930s. Footage from the twelve meters was professional shot and through a generous donation by Thomas J. Lipton Inc. Mystic Seaport currently sells America’s Cup programs that span the years 1958 through 1983.

Irving Johnson Collection

Irving JohnsonAuthor, lecturer, and seaman, Irving Johnson and his wife Electa circumnavigated the globe seven times between 1933-1958, then dedicated 17 years to sailing the inland waterways, canals and seas of Europe and Egypt. The Johnsons documented each voyage extensively, often visiting remote islands and captured images of traditions, customs and lifeways that in many cases no longer exist. Mystic Seaport is the repository of Captain Irving Johnson’s films donated to Mystic Seaport by Mrs. Electa Johnson.

Irving and Electa Johnson Manuscript Collection (Coll. 240)