Growth and enhancement of the Museum continued in the 1950s with the arrival of the coasting schooner Australia in 1951 and the schooner yacht Brilliant in 1952. The Mariner Training Program expanded, with the Brilliant taking groups of sea scouts on week-long coastal cruises. With the grounds stabilized behind stone bulkheads, attention turned to shaping the waterfront street as buildings were moved in or built. In 1955, “activists”–now called interpreters–began to work in the exhibits to explain the historical context and significance of the exhibits and artifacts. By the late 1950s the Museum had 6,000 members and was hosting a quarter-of-a-million visitors a year. More than 1,000 private boats tied up at its piers in July and August 1956. To preserve the period flavor of the site, visitor parking was moved from the present site of the Village Green to locations across the street.

Mystic Seaport, 19511950




Mystic Seaport, 19541954




Mystic Seaport, 19581958