The completion of the nearby interstate highway 95 offered convenient access for visitors from the major markets between New York and Boston. By 1968—the year the Museum was featured in National Geographic Magazine—more than half a million visitors arrived.  During this period of expansion the Planetarium, Seamen’s Inne, Mildred C. Mallory Memorial Membership Building, G.W. Blunt White Library, and the expanded Museum store were opened. In 1964, the fishing schooner L.A. Dunton joined the Museum’s fleet of historic vessels.

With such success came fears of overextension, especially as the growing fleet of large vessels exceeded the Museum’s ability to care for them. The small shipyard and marine railway opened in 1957 could not keep up with the needed work. The ferryboat Brinckerhoff, which had come in 1950, was let go in 1961. The Australia was hauled ashore for work in 1961 and never returned to the water. Additional vessels were passed on to other organizations to reduce the size of the growing fleet.

L.A. Dunton arriving at Mystic Seaport1960





Mystic Seaport parking lot, 1968.1966