Richard Allison

Richard Allison is an American Realist specializing in marine, railroad and aviation subjects.  The former illustrator and editorial cartoonist for Army, Navy and Air Force Times in Washington, D.C., Allison shows a deep respect for the historical significance of his subjects and strives for correctness of detail in his paintings.  Combining a keen eye with a skilled brush has led to his art being displayed in several major galleries and museums across the country.

Allison’s work has been exhibited at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center, the Wichita Center for the Arts and the Virginia Air and Space Center in Hampton, Virginia to name a few.

An avid plein air painter, Allison brings to his studio paintings a sensitivity to light and color that can only be developed from direct observation.  The settings for these subjects may be marine, aviation or railroad, but they all incorporate a historical element bathed in a light that is almost palpable.