Lawrie Donnison

LAWRIE DONNISON was born and spent his formative years in the little village of Marsden on the north east coast of England, between two major shipbuilding rivers of the Tyne and Wear. He lived in the family home of Lizard Farm where fields lead down to the cliff tops and Souter Point Lighthouse.

His childhood and youth was spent on the beaches, cliffs and docks of this-then thriving, vibrant maritime world. At school, he would be given the day off to watch the tankers, cruisers or aircraft carriers being launched and his weekends were spent with the Sea Scouts on boats in the harbor.

Lawrie drew and painted from an early age and won a national newspaper art competition at seven. He has had a chequered career, which has included working down a coal mine. He wanted to join the Merchant Navy, but went to university instead and is now an academic. He has taught Art History and Theory in several university faculties and currently, his work as an external examiner, takes him to most of the art schools in England and Ireland.

The artist’s early interests continue and one of his academic specialties is the History and Theory of Landscape and, in particular, marine painting. His own art work varies from accurately researched historical maritime landscapes to intensely considered coastal scenes that capture the underlying sense of place and time.

Lawrie exhibits his work at the Maritime Gallery at Mystic Seaport, with the Royal Society of Marine Painters in London and the Editions Maritime in Paris.