Lee Ellison

Lee received his BFA from the College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA. He concentrated in sculpture and studied under Carl Rosenberg.  He then went on to medical school in Boston, MA specializing in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery.

He continued to sculpt in his free time and after leaving his medical practice Lee spent more time engaged in his passion for art.  He complemented this by teaching anatomy, sailing and traveling around the world.   Don Treworgy trained him in celestial navigation at Mystic Seaport and soon thereafter he embarked on a 25,000 mile and five year ocean voyage with his family aboard their sailing vessel, Promise.

Since his return to the USA in 2008, Lee has been actively involved at the Guilford Art Center where he has worked with Darrell Petit working extensively in Stony Creek Granite. He is an Elected Artist at the Lyme Art Association, Old Lyme, CT,

“Granite is fascinating as it has multiple appearances depending on how it is finished.  I always try to retain some element of the stone in its natural state.  In contrast, other portions of the work are finished to a high degree. I think this allows for an appreciation of the transformation of the raw granite to a piece of sculpture”.

These representative sculptures in Stony Creek Granite, are hewn by hand and take more than a year to complete.  His work is focused on the relationship of his subjects, i.e. parents and offspring;  Emperor Penguin and its egg; Adult Owl and its chick; pouncing cat and implied mouse and a blind squirrel and implied nut.  He has done portrait and figure sculptures as well, including mother and child.  These individual subjects imply motion and fluidity, a wonderful juxtaposition to the material of the composition.