K.C. Goff

Kathy Goff’s unique approach to animal art is rooted in her New England birthplace. Living on the edge of a wildlife sanctuary, she raised a series of orphan and injured creatures that served as subjects for her art. At the University of Hartford Art School, Goff majored in sculpture, incorporating animals into her figurative work. In 1970 she opened her studio in Colorado and traveled extensively, studying and painting wildlife in California, the Southwest, Europe, and the Eastern Coastal regions of Kenya and Tanzania.

Goff has shown her work in more than 80 regional and national exhibitions across the US. Her work has been featured on greeting cards for the National Wildlife Federation, Marion Heath Greeting Cards, Leanin’ Tree Cards, and the American Humane Society. Goff’s paintings have also been used extensively for fundraising by the National Audubon Society, and Ducks Unlimited, among other non-profit organizations.

“Seeking and learning about what animals and birds do just being themselves has always drawn me out to the water’s edge, the woods, and to distant lands. There I gather small moments in the lives of wild creatures.”