Micaiah Hardison

Micaiah Hardison has an innate ability for capturing the moods and mystique of the ocean in his oil paintings. The many hours of wet interaction and acute observation gives him a masterful understanding of the near-shore subjects he loves. He grew up a few yards from the surf in Leucadia, California, and has spent his life in and around the sea.

Hardison started to paint at age 15 and was quickly recognized in the local community and commissioned to do seascapes. Thus his passion to paint was the beginning of a lifelong career as an artist. While striking out to see the world at a young age, Micaiah explored the West Coast of the Americas from Canada to Chile, the islands of the Caribbean, South Pacific, including Hawaii, the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, as well as Europe and North Africa. The paintings he created during his travels and in his studio, share the light, energy, and appreciation of all the experiences that inspired him.

Hardison’s current style is a hybrid of his early tendencies to play on mood and light, and the techniques learned in school and when he studied at Watt’s Atelier of the Arts and Bravura Academy with Jeffrey R. Watts, Calvin Liang and Daniel E. Green. He has been influenced by the loose style, without sacrificing accuracy, of Juaquin Sorolla and Fredrick Judd Waugh.

A Signature Member of the American Society of Marine Artists,(ASMA), Oil Painters of America, and the California Art Club, Micaiah’s paintings are frequently selected for many juried exhibitions throughout the USA. In 2016, his pieces were featured at the California Islands Symposium in Ventura and Santa Barbara, CA; the 23rd Annual Maritime Art Exhibit at Coos Art Museum, Oregon; and the Minnesota Museum of Marine Art (ASMA) Exhibition.

He has received accolades for artistic excellence from art publications such as Southwest Art Magazine and American Art Collector. His works grace the walls in private collections in the Unites States and Europe. Currently, he works in his ocean view studio in Vista, California portraying Pacific seascapes, coastal landscapes and all things maritime which are peaceful, recreational and sometimes illicit. Most paintings are generated as a narrative of his real life experiences; combining plein air painting, studies, and photographs for the base of his larger pieces.

When not in front of his easel, Hardison enjoys sailing, surfing, tending to his berry brambles and spending time with his wife and children.