Thomas Jennerwein

During the last 40 or so years, Thomas has developed and applied his own visual style into oil and watercolor paintings, by painting mostly still life, landscapes, seascapes, portraits and figures.  Most of his paintings are done in oils, although sometimes he uses a multiple of thin layers of paint in both oils and watercolors until the desired effect is achieved with some impasto (thicker paint) effects for the light areas. Perhaps the most fascinating feature of applying the paint is when he captures the elusive quality of light onto the most ordinary subjects.

Mainly a self-taught artist, Thomas has attended several professional workshops and night classes.  However, the evolution of learning is still an ongoing process from the vast collection of art books, DVD’s and magazines that he owns. He paints from life and also from his own photo references. “I extract what I need from the photos and then I focus on the composition and balance of the subject.”

Thomas’s inspirations come from the reflected light bouncing onto a display of objects, or it could be the subtle play of early morning or late afternoon light, defining the form of some given object and the correct lighting conditions on the human face and figure can be alluring, with unlimited stimulus.

He spends countless hours in galleries or museums which provide a wealth of creative stimulus and where he is influenced by artists such as Robert Johnson, Alvaro Castagnet, Joseph Zbukvic and Richard Schmid, as well as, artist of the Dutch renaissance and a host of others.

“Our lives have become so focused on our iPhones and the drive thru pace of life that we forget to enjoy the simple pleasures that life has to give. As an artist, I aim to create an emotional appeal that provides the opportunity for the viewer to take a moment and appreciate the serenity and beauty that surrounds us.”