Frauke Klatt

The visitors of Frauke Klatt’s first exhibition in 1996 had no idea that they were taking part in the first steps of an impressive development. Frauke was developing her own techniques and artistic identity and adding a new chapter to modern marine art.

Frauke first had the idea of very light paintings on used sails made of Dacron.  The structure and wear of the material are incorporated in the paintings and create a very special patina.  In 1997 she exhibited the first of these paintings that created this new technique.

Most of her acrylics with sand are very dynamic and three-dimensional.  You can feel the splash of the water, wind and movement; the viewer feels like part of the scenery. Frauke’s paintings are not realistic; she wants to reproduce the impression of a moment, the things you remember after opening you eyes only for a second.  The viewer will not identify a special yacht or class, but will remember a situation or atmosphere.  You will find the result of her sailing experience in all her paintings; the angle of her view is always directly from the water surface, an angle all the other sailors see.

Frauke Klatt is a very enthusiastic sailor; she collects her impressions from sailing yachts.  The voyages on the Baltic Sea on board the yacht JACARANDA led her to Denmark, Sweden and Norway and aboard other yachts into the Mediterranean Sea.  Frauke also takes part in many great regattas as a viewer, including the America’s Cup Jubilee in Cowes.

Frauke has been exhibiting at the Maritime Gallery at Mystic Seaport, Mystic, CT since 2005, plus galleries in Europe and the USA.   In 2010 she had a solo exhibition at a Museum in her state of Germany. She has exhibited at: Art Maritime-Hamburg, Galeria Boot-Dosseldorf and AAF-London, Monaco and Dubai Boat show. Other exhibitions have been at the Fraffic Museum-Dresden; Maltese Islands, Denia-Spain; Bishopsgate-London; Reppisch-Halen Switzerland and many local exhibitions in Germany.

Her paintings and commissioned work hang in homes and offices of sailing enthusiasts as far away as Japan and New Zealand.  Other paintings are sailing around the world on yachts or are part of the interior of hotels, offices and banks.

Frauke’s studio is in Lubeck-Travemunde, Germany on the Baltic Sea.