Frederick Kubitz

Early on while training to become an architect, Frederick Kubitz came across several “How to” books by artist Theodore Kautzky. Kautzky’s maritime subject matter with his wonderful pencil sketches and watercolors intrigued Kubitz and from that point on he knew he had to paint. For the past twenty-five years he has painted maritime subjects in both oil and watercolor.

As a long time boat owner and sailor, Fritz has plied the waters off the coasts of Massachusetts and Maine.  That experience gave him a great respect for the sea, and an understanding and appreciation of boating, its craftsmanship and details.

His work is the recipient of many prizes and awards attesting to its excellence and has been included in the American Watercolor Society’s nationwide tour of museums and places of exhibition.  His painting “Center Harbor, New Hampshire” was published on the cover of Yankee Magazine.  Recently quoted from an American Watercolor Society article from a national tour of selected paintings: “Frederick Kubitz has an intuitive ability in choosing appealing subject matter, plus has a unique sense of style, placement, and dramatic use of lighting effects, giving him a much honored place among New England painters. He is widely collected by corporations, financial institutions, professional offices, as well as private connoisseurs of art.