Greg Laderer

Painting is what Greg always wanted to do, but for many silly reasons, never did until he was nearly forty.  It’s been two decades now and he still remembers the magic.  “That first day of my very first painting class I stood in awe as the instructor demonstrated his craft, bringing to life on canvas that which stood before us.  Watching him, I was awakened to my true passion.  Horns blasted, the heavens opened, and although I had yet to touch a brush to canvas, I somehow knew that I, too, was a painter.  What a glorious moment!  I left class that day a reborn soul traveling this enchanted new road on a journey of many blessings.”

Today, he is just as passionate about spreading paint and the birthing of delights.  As a painter, Greg considers himself a Romantic Aestheticist, seeking out the beauty in this world and capturing my impressions of it in lasting works of art.

Greg has always been drawn to the sea.  From his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he relocated to a scenic village in coastal Maine where subject matter abounds. Yet what interests him most isn’t subject, but the myriad ways that light and atmosphere combine to reveal the beauty of a thing, anything.

Mostly, Greg paints directly from life, allowing him to compose a truthful impression of the experience that is both interpretive and realistic.  Plein-air sea and landscape work is a favorite, but he also enjoys studio time developing still-life, figurative and portraiture pieces.  A gallery owner once wrote that “Greg’s ability to capture the poetry of light as it permeates space and illuminates his subjects is a hallmark of his work”.

Greg studied with James Sulkowski, and Frank Mason who taught at the Art Student’s League in NYC for over 60 years.  Plus, he has learned from many artist friends and countless visits to art museums.

“On my journey, I have found that in a manner similar to counting our blessings, we truly nourish our souls when we actively seek the bounty and beauty in our lives.  I paint with this in mind, to capture and share some of this beauty for your enjoyment and nourishment.  My mission is this: that during each appointment with my easel, canvas, paint and brushes, I will attempt to so invigorate the art spirit within me as to produce a thing of lasting beauty that, when framed and hung in a special place, will provide a future of joyful moments to those who pause to look upon it.”