Elizabeth Mumford

Elizabeth Mumford grew up on a farm in the Midwest, but spent every summer on Cape Cod and consequently, became an avid sailor and racer. Her paintings have a whimsical style, often with a nautical theme and her style is influenced by American Folk Art, as well as Flemish painters of the 16th century, primarily Brueghel.

Each painting is surrounded by her signature black border inscribed with a verse and stenciled in the corners with scallop shells in bronze. The text reflects the setting, which she paints first, sketching out a rough idea of what each figure is doing to complement the verse.  However, as a painting develops, stories evolve from the actions and settings, and it seems that the painting takes off on its own to tell a story which Liz may not have initially had in mind. Once in a while, she even has to change the words to reflect that development. Her work is included in collections around the country. Recently, a painting of hers was featured in Ladies’ Home Journal in an article about Mystic Seaport Museum.

Liz lives on Cape Cod, enjoying sailing, gardening, choral singing and golf when she is not painting.