Irma Cerese

Contemporary artist IRMA CERESE presents expressive landscapes which sometimes border on the abstract, but her primary focus is on color relationships. Color itself has always fascinated her and formed the basis of her work, starting with the geometric abstractions she worked on following her art school years. However, she found she needed a concrete point […]

Scott Chambers

A graduate in Business from Central Washington State University, Chambers followed his family’s 120-year legacy of shipbuilding by turning to the creation of half-hull models in 1973. Hoping through his art to help “preserve this nation’s rich maritime heritage,” his pieces can be seen at numerous east and west coast yacht clubs, the Peabody Essex […]

James Consor

James was born in Cleveland Ohio in 1946 and his first experience with boats was on Lake Erie in the 1950’s. After graduating from the Syracuse University School of Art with a degree in Illustration he came to New York and ended up with a career as an Advertising Art Director. Along the way he joined the Society of […]

David Coolidge

Originally from the Midwest, David Coolidge attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and studied in Rome, Italy at the Tyler School of Art. He cites his apprenticeship with John Falter, noted cover illustrator for the Saturday Evening Post, as the high point of his art training. For more than 10 years he worked in Old […]

Laura Cooper

Born and raised on the Bayou, Laura Cooper began life surrounded by water. Her childhood home was on the banks of the Vermilion Bayou in Lafayette, Louisiana. She has fond memories of waking in the middle of the night to the distant rumble of tugboats pushing barges from the Gulf of Mexico.  While lying in […]

Ryan Cooper

Ryan Cooper was born in Los Angeles in 1945 and raised and educated in Monterey, California. He took the Famous Artists School course in cartooning and began his career early as a graphic artist and cartoonist learning many skills “on the job.” He began working freelance for McGraw-Hill Publishing Co. and took a position with […]

Ray Crane

Ray Crane is a graduate of the School of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and has made his career as an artist, both on an independent basis and as artist in residence for many years at Boston’s Museum of Science/ Charles Hayden Planetarium. For more than 30 years as a professional artist, Ray’s work has evolved […]