David Riley Peterson

David’s artistic accomplishments have been in the last five years when an epiphany occurred. He was asked to make an olive tray for a local gift shop. Not seeing much of a challenge in it, he procrastinated until the third request. Reluctantly, he returned to his studio and rolled out a small thin slab of clay and folded it into a simple tray and joined the ends. Staring at it in dismay and in disgust, he felt it was a waste of his awesome talent. However, as he held the pod in his hands, the AH_HA moment occurred when the clay spoke in a meek shy voice. “I want to be a boat!”

Since that moment David has been a devoted boat builder of clay boats and has been told that they have sailed the continent.

David’s work is on exhibit in the following galleries: New Era, Vinalhaven, ME; Landing Gallery, Rockland, ME; Kobo Gallery, Savannah, GA; Ships of the Sea Museum, Savannah, GA; Lagerquist Gallery, Atlanta, GA; Gleason Fine Art Gallery, Boothbay, ME and Maine Arts, Kennebunk, ME.

Awards include: National Endowment for the Arts, First Place in Clay/Sculpture – 2009.