David Prokowiew

David Walter Prokowiew is a self-taught artist living in the small town of Lunenburg, Massachusetts. He grew up in a large family of eleven children in the then bucolic town of Sudbury, Massachusetts. His interest in art was evident in early childhood, when he built his own easel at the age of seven and recycled an old sample case found at the dump, filling it with tubes of oil colors and canvases purchased one at a time, attempting majestic scenes of towering mountains he’d never seen. His childhood wanderings led him along the old stone walls, deep woodlands and ragged marshes of New England where he would find beauty in the peace and quiet of forgotten places. Later, his love of the outdoors led him to the White Mountains, where he and friends would enjoy hiking and real back-country camping. Raised with a do-it-yourself work ethic, he enjoys learning new skills including wood-working, knitting and wood-strip and composite boat building, completing several boats.

His early art education was focused on graphic design, enrolling in the Commercial Arts program at Minutman Technical High School in Lexington, where he was encouraged to continue his artistic journey. However, bowing to family pressure, he continued his education in business, graduating college with a degree in Marketing while working full-time and teaching himself the languages of the Internet at night. He spent 15 years as a free-lance web developer, pleased to find a business function where he could use some artistic creativity. After running a successful business for over a decade, becoming a stay-at-home father gave him the opportunity to shift gears again, and return to fine art with vigorous intent.

A hope that he has something to offer in the world of art, along with an appreciation for the challenges and strides of the modern realists, especially the work being done by the so-called “new luminists”, has brought David back to his true passion- painting. Today, he spends much of the summer and autumn months in various parts of Maine with his family, where he finds endless inspiration in the ever-changing character of classic New England landscapes and seascapes. He seeks artistic growth by building relationships with other artists and participating in workshops, associations and shows.