Franco Salas-Borquez

Franco Salas-Borquez was born in Chile, on Chiloe Island in 1979, and he grew up in Punta Arenas, a city in the extreme southern part of the country, Tierra del Fuego and the Straights of Magellan.

From a family of sailors with a maritime tradition who arrived to the southern islands with the Spanish Hidographic expedition from Jose de Mordeda in 1876, Franco’s feeling of the sea is expressed in his works today.

“The contemplation of the sea, inhabited only by the winds to the representation of a timeless and universal space, man seems not to have been invited he remains a spectator and intangible.” Always interested in philosophy, Franco’s motivation to paint, the sea is a symbol of mystery. What evokes the sea and the loneliness, giving life to the sea by the force of the wind. “The sea is a metaphor of a rebel with a dynamic beauty, such as metal rock and classical music from the great masters.”

Franco worked for the maritime service companies, Terranova Ltd.a, Patagonia Austral Ltda. and Cruceros Skorpios. He made a 4000 km trip along the Chilean coast, drawing portraits on the way. The trip lasted more than 12 months. In 2004 he published several travel letters in a Paris literary magazine Assuage d’encres-Lettre Pto. Montt. He created illustrations for the French edition of L’Harmattan La Montee du Mailitarisme en Espange. In 2002 he was elected by the Chilean Embassy in France as a Spanish Trainer at Versailles and at the Teachers Trainers Institute in Strasbourg, 2003.

Besides taking art courses at the Paris I Sorbonne University, Paris, he is a Member of the Cofradia L’Amicale Internationale de Capitanes Au Long-Cours. He is an avid chess player at the Punta Arenas Spanish Club and he was on the Banco de Estado team travelling through diverse countries participating in chess tournaments. He currently lives in France where he continues to sail and paint.