Scott R. Shaffer

Scott R. Shaffer says of his work, “I believe the detail that separates one species from another is nature’s art. Realizing that many people may not have the opportunity to see the animals I sculpt in their natural environments, I attempt to portray them in the most simplistic way possible, so that nothing detracts from the inherent beauty of the subject.” Shaffer began sculpting in 1987 and made the transition to a full-time sculptor in 1994. He has found that sculpting provides the perfect avenue for him to combine his fascination with the planet’s diverse life forms and his desire to create. He performs all preparatory and finishing work himself, including the patinas on all his works. Shaffer’s work can be found in public places and private collections throughout the United States and Mexico, and his work has been selected for placement in the Cypress Gardens Wildlife Sculpture Series.