George Wilkinson

George is a Canadian maritime artist who resides in the foothills of western Canada. However, most of his leisure time is spent traveling throughout the coastal regions of Canada and the United States or sailing in the Virgin Islands.

In his youth he was fortunate to have spent summers with his grandfather in Bermuda.  It was then and there that his passion for the sea and sailing ships was instilled.  George grew up in Montreal where he acquired a formal education in engineering and architecture.  In the early years of his career he spent much of his time with a pencil or pen in hand at a drafting table.  Due to his interest in sailing ships and his natural talent at illustrating, he often found himself wandering from the task at hand to sketching nautical scenes and sailing ships.  In fact during those years he designed and built several blue water sailboats.

George’s formal introduction into the art world started approximately twenty-five years ago.  Soon after visiting scrimshaw galleries and museums in Hawaii, he was inspired to study and venture into the craft.  His travels throughout northern Canada afforded him the opportunity to acquire some unique pieces on which to work.  With the recognition and support of several galleries in western Canada, he soon developed an international reputation as a contemporary Canadian scrimshaw artist.  After several years as a scrimshander, he was encouraged to take up the brush and easel.  It was an easy transition, a different way of representing his favorite subject…anything nautical.  His painting has been greeted with similar accolades.  His preferred medium is watercolor.

His work has been exhibited in several galleries throughout western Canada and in the Virgin Islands.  Most recently, George was invited by the Canadian Society of Maritime Artists to exhibit his paintings and scrimshaws in eastern Canada in May 2014 and May 2015.