Mystic Seaport Museum Magazine

Mystic Seaport Museum Magazine is the official publication of the Museum. The publication presents a lively and informative mix of stories about nautical adventures, maritime history and culture, and the inside story about Mystic Seaport Museum. A free, one-year subscription to the magazine is included with Museum membership. For more information, please email editor@mysticseaport.org.

MS Magazine Cover Fall-Winter 2016

Mystic Seaport Magazine, Fall/Winter 2016

Featured articles: Opening the Thompson Exhibition Building; “Building Boats, Viking Style;” SEACHANGE Exhibition; Interview with Nicholas Bell

Mystic Seaport Magazine, Spring/Summer 2016

Featured Articles: ” ‘Ships, Clocks & Stars’: A Smashing Success,” EMMA C. BERRY: Revisiting her History, Context, and Significance,” “Thompson Building,” “An Art Collection of Two Centuries of American Coastal Waters,” and more.

Mystic Seaport Magazine, Fall/Winter 2015

Featured Articles: “New Exhibition: Journey of Transformation,” “Farewell to Jim Carlton,” “The Museum in Winter,” “A Just in Time Building,” “Finding Longitude” and more

Mystic Seaport Magazine, Spring/Summer 2015

Featured Articles: “Telling their Tales: The 38th Voyagers,” “A New Era for Exhibition,” “Mayflower II: A Special Guest at Mystic Seaport,” “New Exhibit Dives Deep into the Topic of Whales and Whaling” and more

Mystic Seaport Magazine: Fall/Winter 2014

Featured Articles: “The “Doc Shop” Trio,” “From the Top of the Hurricane House,” MORGAN’s 38th Voyage,” “Stowaway on the CHARLES W. MORGAN,” “The Longevity of the CHARLES W. MORGAN,” “Whaling in the Movies,” and more.