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Vessels at Mystic Seaport Museum

Mystic Seaport Museum has more than 500 watercraft in its collection. While the larger vessels are well-known among the visitors, there are other vessels along the Museum’s waterfront that are lesser known. Here are six of those watercraft.

Shooting Lunars at Mystic Seaport Museum

Telling time by lunar distances, the angle from the Sun to the Moon in the most common case, is an extension of one of the oldest methods of telling time: reading the phase of the Moon.

The Art and Craft of the Wooden Boat

Stories Video Blog

A collection of video stories from all over Mystic Seaport Museum.

Scrimshaw from MSM for Educators

Mystic Seaport Museum for Educators

An ongoing collaboration between the Museum and a community of educators. Working together, we aim to bring our treasures and resources out of the vault and into classrooms and homes across the country.

The 38th Voyage

Relive all of the excitement of the 38th Voyage of the CHARLES W. MORGAN in 2014.

Schooner NINA

Discover Rosenfeld

Explore the Museum’s Rosenfeld Collection of maritime photography, one of the largest in the country.