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Rosenfeld: The Champion

“Apparently, in the field of yachting, as in all other fields, there is no denying the women.”

Rosenfeld: The Careers

This three-masted schooner had a life well lived, and well traveled.

Bells Will Be Ringing

After years of sitting dormant, the clock on Greenmanville Church is again chiming and keeping time.

Rosenfeld: The Dream

In 1931, William Albert Robinson’S 32-foot ketch SVAAP was the smallest vessel to sail around the world.

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No Fault In Our Stars

Once a year the projector in the Treworgy Planetarium receives a thorough cleaning to keep our night skies sharp and clear.

"Reside," 2016. Courtesy Nikki McClure

“Life in Balance”

The first East Coast exhibition of art by the papercut artist Nikki McClure, who manages to create complex images from a single sheet of paper.

The Flying Boat

The latest Rosenfeld collection blog post features the Sikorsky Amphibion NEEKAH at Palm Beach in 1930.