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Flag Day 2017

Mystic Seaport hosted 74 people from 32 countries to become United States citizens at an annual naturalization ceremony.

Rosenfeld: The Experiment

For more than a century, people associated with yachts and hydroplanes have been looking for speed under power and to sail faster than the wind.

Rosenfeld: Oh My Cod

The Vikings learned to preserve cod by hanging the fish in the cold winter air of Iceland and Norway until it lost most of its weight and became “fish jerky.”

"The CHARLES W. MORGAN: A Picture History of an American Icon"

CHARLES W. MORGAN Book Wins 2 Awards

The book was honored with the Eric Hoffer Book Award for Best Legacy Non-Fiction & da Vinci Eye Award for outstanding cover art.

Sea Music: AJ Wright

Meet Anayis (AJ) Wright, a performer at this year’s Sea Music Festival with close ties to Mystic Seaport.