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Filming onboard the CHARLES W. MORGAN for "Into the Deep"Thank you for considering Mystic Seaport as a location. Mystic Seaport is a location that features historic tall ships and buildings, a waterfront village, and a working shipyard. In addition, we’re a resource for resident experts in maritime history, including a world-class research library with impressive collections of historic documents and visuals, and skilled craftsmen and shipbuilders.

Additional materials and resources are available to meet your production needs. For an additional fee, we offer 1870s-focused costumes, boat rentals, and limited props. Our first priority is the visitor. We recommend a site visit prior to production in order to be sure all needs and expectations can be met. The Museum is open year-round and while projects may be possible in any season, the size and scope of the project will affect how and when we can accommodate your work.