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Behind the Scenes Tour

March 22

Join us for Behind the Scenes tours in the Collections Research Center to view the Museum’s collection of ship models. Led by Vice President Paul O’Pecko and his staff, each of these tours will focus on a specific collection housed in the vault.

Professional ship-model maker Erik Ronnberg, Jr., says in the Museum’s book “America and the Sea: Treasures from the Collections of Mystic Seaport”: “If the ship model collection of Mystic Seaport stands out from those of its sister maritime museums, it is in the collection’s variety of uses … The connection between a model and a ship…. helps the Museum visitor link the experience of seeing a full-size vessel to visualizing another vessel, now lost to history.”

There are approximately 2,000 models in the Museum’s collection, almost evenly split between full models and half models.