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Easy Introductory Celestial Navigation

March 16 - March 17

An easy introduction to the basic principles of celestial navigation from a modern perspective designed for yachtsmen and recreational boaters, as well as long-distance hikers and cross-country explorers. Also appropriate for anyone interested in a quick overview of the science of celestial navigation.

This class covers the classic, time-honored method of finding latitude by Noon Sun and longitude by observations before and after noon (including frequently neglected corrections for motion of the observer). You will also learn how to use the Sun and stars as an accurate compass: how to determine direction using the belt of Orion, Polaris, and other stars.

You will explore a diverse collection of modern celestial tricks and cross-checks to validate your electronic navigation. Weather permitting, class participants will have opportunities to experiment with sextant observations.

Requirements: Basic addition and subtraction, good familiarity with latitude and longitude. Recommended for ages 10+.