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John Kerr and Carol Simons: Dreamers Before the Mast

March 14

From top-sailed schooner to barkentine to floating classroom, the Regina Maris has seen many transformations during her 78 years of sailing. During her varied career at sea, the Regina Maris carried cargo in the Baltic Sea, fished for herring and cod off the Grand Banks, rescued Jews fleeing the Nazi occupation of Denmark during World War II, rounded Cape Horn and sailed the world’s oceans as a private yacht, retraced Captain James Cook’s route of discovery to Australia during the bicentenary celebration in 1970, researched whales and their migration patterns in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans from the Arctic to the Caribbean, and served as a floating classroom for students of all ages. She’s been featured in movies and television, and even participated in races. Join us as authors John Kerr, ship’s historian, and Carol Simons share the many adventures experienced on board this extraordinary ship.

Hosted by Mystic Seaport Museum for more than 65 years, the Adventure Series provides a unique opportunity for attendees to meet adventurers firsthand and experience a wide array of challenges — on the sea, in the air, and on land  — all over the world.

Adventure is the pursuit of life – often with an unknown ending. Hear about the amazing personal journeys of these extraordinary individuals on their quests for knowledge, conservation, adventure, and survival.