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Moby-Dick Marathon

July 31, 2018 - August 1, 2018

“Call me Ishmael…” and join us aboard the Charles W. Morgan for the 33nd annual “Moby-Dick” Marathon at Mystic Seaport – the longest running marathon-read in the country! Once again we will lift our voices and our tomes to host a marathon, a 24-hour reading of “Moby-Dick” aloud onboard the whaleship Charles W. Morgan. This two-day event celebrates the 198th birthday of Herman Melville, the author of the classic American novel.

At Mystic Seaport, our “Moby-Dick” Marathon is a communal event that relies upon visitor participation to keep the words flowing and the pages turning through all 24 hours. Participants are invited to read a chapter or two (or more!), or just sit back to listen, simply allowing the beauty of the language to flow over you. Over the course of the marathon, other surprises await, including an actor portraying Herman Melville, the theatrical staging of certain chapters by the TaleMakers theatre troupe, and a live music performance.

Advance registration is required to stay overnight due to limited capacity on the Charles W. Morgan.

Participation in the “Moby-Dick” Marathon is free with museum admission or membership.

Please call 860.572.5331 to register.