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Murmur: Tech Talk with New Media Artist Reilly Donovan

January 20, 2018

Join us for a talk and presentation by new media artist Reilly Donovan, designer of the mixed reality experience in the new exhibition, Murmur: Arctic Realities, in which visitors can virtually explore the unusual textures, flora, and fauna of a precise geographic location 80 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

Donovan works with emerging technology to produce interactive installations, virtual reality artworks and augmented reality exhibits. His work explores how computer simulations, machine learning, and interactive environments challenge the boundaries of our senses. It examines how machines are molding our future, changing our culture, and confronting our perceptions of reality.

Donovan will discuss his collaborations with contemporary artist John Grade, Microsoft’s HoloLens technology, and mixed reality content contextualized within an art experience.