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Murmur Yoga

March 3

Join world-renowned yoga instructor Coral Brown in the Museum’s newest exhibition, “Murmur: Arctic Realities.” She will guide a grounding yet dynamic all-levels vinyasa yoga class alongside a vast kinetic sculpture of a “pingo,” by contemporary artist John Grade. Pingo is an Inuit word for a hill of ice that grows over centuries in the Arctic’s highest latitudes.

The title “Murmur” evokes both the sound of Arctic wind and the shapes made by flocks of Arctic birds in flight. The sculpture’s walls, intricately carved from Alaskan yellow cedar, open and close, mimicking the pingo’s life cycle at a time when this is accelerating due to unprecedented environmental change. Sign up today for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to practice yoga in a completely unique and evocative environment.

Participants should wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat and towel. The class will be 75 minutes.