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Paul Krantz: Riding the Wild Ocean

April 11, 2019

Author Paul Krantz began his sailing career at the age of 3 when he went sailing for the first time with his father. He taught sailing and canoeing at the age of fifteen and by the age of 19, he was captain of a 41-foot ketch. Throughout the years, Krantz has had many adventures at sea and has learned that navigating smaller vessels comes with its own set of challenges. Recently, he compiled a collection of his experiences sailing vessels smaller than 20 feet into a book, Riding the Wild Ocean: The Circumnavigation of Cape Cod in an 18-Foot Sloop and Other Sailing Adventures. Krantz will share some of those adventures from coastal New England to the Dry Tortugas as well as discuss how he prepared for the all-weather, night and day journeys at sea.

Hosted by Mystic Seaport Museum for more than 65 years, the Adventure Series provides a unique opportunity for attendees to meet adventurers firsthand and experience a wide array of challenges — on the sea, in the air, and on land  — all over the world.

Adventure is the pursuit of life – often with an unknown ending. Hear about the amazing personal journeys of these extraordinary individuals on their quests for knowledge, conservation, adventure, and survival.